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Light Up Your Affair!

Adding light components to your wedding can really change the atmosphere drastically, but it can also cost you an arm and a leg. Your guest experience is very important so here are a few ways to make your event dope without going broke.

LED Curtain Lights - These can be found in many store and can range from $15-35 a set. The sets are usually about 9'x9'. If you have a bare wall you could easily buy a few of these packets and string them together. You can overlap or layer them to create a more dazzling effect. This could also serve as a backdrop to your head table, as shown below, or as an accent wall in your reception room.

Lanterns - The round paper lanterns are extremely cheap and come in any color under the rainbow. You can find them for as low as $.50/lantern. All you will need are White LED Party Lights to go inside. You can string them up yourself, or ask your venue to do it for you.

Candles - This classic touch isn't going anwhere. Candles are definitely cost effect and a beautiful way to ligth up a room. Candles are a great way to add warmth and elegance to your event. You can cluster them in a group, float them in water, or suspend them from your floral centerpiece. There are so many ways to arrangements that can be done with candles, sky's the limit!

Light Canopies - These stringed lights can be done inside or outside and often used inside of tents creating the perfect ambience for any event. This can also be set up with lighting effects such as solid, twinkle, fade, trans and more. Though warm white and cool white are the standard, other color options are available also. The cost is usually between $200-$1700, but can also cost a lot more depending on your design scheme.

Monograms - Many brides and corporations like to use monograms to create a cool light effect either on your dance floor or on a particular solid colored wall. This makes for great photography and it adds an element of elegance to your event. It also allows you to go a step further in personalizing your event. Usually the images are projected with gobos which are fairly inexpensive to produce. An audio/visual company can help with this and also help with projecting your image. The actual projection could be a few hundred bucks or up to $1000 depending on your design.

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