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Using Scrolls as your Wedding Invitation

Your invitation sets the tone for your wedding. Scroll Invitations are a great way to add that wow factor. It immediately captures the attention of your guests creating anticipation for what is to come.

These invitations are also known as "Farman" cards which reflects a majestic way of celebrating an occasion used mainly by ancient kings and emperors. These scrolls are also pretty versatile and can fit well with many different types of wedding themes. Some theme examples include romantic, rustic, gatsby, whimsical, masquerade, mediterranean, religious and even some ethnic weddings such as Indian weddings.

The presentation of these scroll invitations are gorgeous. They come in several color combinations with some sort of decorative box. You can customize your order to include RSVP cards, money envelopes & save the date cards. The cost of these scrolls will range from $1.50-$3.70 per invitation depending on which vendors you use. There are plenty of vendors to choose from on the lower end of that scale. Most of the scrolls are light in weight so you're not looking at that much more to mail them out.

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